Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting

                                                                              Solar Lighting

What is Solar Lighting?

Solar lighting is a form of renewable energy that involves the interaction of the sun in order to provide illumination. It does not require any sources to power or charge it other than the sun. Once being charged by the sun, solar lights can be used for hours, even when gloomy or at night. For example, our Solar L-810 lamp does not require any outside sources and only requires 3 watts of energy upon power up.

What are the benefits of Solar Lighting? 

Since solar lighting receives its power from the sun, solar lights can be equipped without the burden of using electrical wiring. Because of this, solar lighting can be used in areas where there is no grid infrastructure or electrical wiring is impractical, such as runways and landing strips, which makes solar lighting more versatile than regular lighting and can potentially eliminate major costs. This also allows for easy mounting of the lights.

Another very important advantage of using solar lighting is the environmental pros. Using solar energy greatly lessens the usage of fossil fuels. Extracting and using fossil fuels is extremely detrimental towards the environment, unlike solar lighting, which is free and unlimited and takes a large strain off of the environment. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels through the use of more environment-friendly methods is vital and the use of solar energy is a huge step in achieving this goal.

Why is the Solar L-810 lamp the best option for solar lighting?

Drake Lighting’s Solar L-810 lamp is a great option for solar lighting. Although solar lighting, in general, does not require electrical wiring unlike regular illumination methods, solar lighting can still be bulky. However, our Solar L-810 lamp stands at only 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It also only weighs 8 pounds. This, along with handle our lamp comes equipped with, allows for an extremely easy and efficient mounting process and makes it extremely portable. Portability is a very important aspect of solar lighting, especially in situations such as when a landing strip needs to be transported to a different location. The Solar L-810 lamp also does not require solar panels, which can take up unnecessarily large amounts of space. This is due to the fact that the photocell is integrated into the lamp itself. Our LED lamp can also glow red for illumination in the hours of the night. It can also operate in any type of weather, which is essential for everyday usage. 

Also, although the Solar L-810 lamp does not need any energy producers other than the sun, it does also come with a DC battery and a charger. DC battery power is utilized in electric cars, and are used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, although the main purpose of our solar lighting use for runways and landing strips, its affordable price allows for our lamp to be used for other illumination purposes, such as open fields and other locations where going through the trouble of using electrical wiring is more trouble than it’s worth, if even possible.

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