LED Obstruction Beacon

LED Obstruction Beacon

An LED obstruction beacon is a light that will indicate the presence of an object that should not be there. This kind of light is most often seen in a lighthouse. The light needs to be mounted at the highest spot possible so that nothing will obstruct it.  There are three main kinds of obstruction lights. They are low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity. Sometimes a combination of these lights is used.


Low Intensity LED obstruction beacon is used when the object is not very big, and the height of the ground around it is less than 45m or 49.2 yards. If the object is big and the beacon is more than 45m above the surrounding ground. IF the level of the beacon is more than 150m, then a high intensity LED obstruction beacon is needed.  They can be used not only for aviation but also for the broadcast industry,  the telecom industry, and the utility industry. Another use is the wind turbine. FAA regulates the classifications of the obstruction beacons. They are generally labeled as A, B or C.


Obstruction lights or beacons are divided into several types. Low intensity has four, the medium intensity has three, and high intensity has only 2. Low-intensity Type A  is a red colored light that is not flashing and is used for obstacles that are fixed and have the intensity of 10 cd.  The type B low intensity is also not flashing and used for fixed obstacles, but the minimum intensity is 32 cd.  Type C is a yellow and blue flashing lights that are used when the obstacle is mobile. The minimum intensity for a Type C is 40 cd. Then there is the low-intensity Type D. This is a yellow flashing light that is used for lead vehicles. Minimum intensity for the Type D light is 200 cd.


For the medium intensity lights, there are three types. Type A is white flashing lights and used when the obstacle is at least 45 m high. Intensity minimum is 2000 cd. Type B is a red flashing light with obstacles of the same height and same minimum intensity.  Medium intensity Type C is the same as the other two except it is a red light that is not flashing.


The high intensity LED obstruction Beacon has only two types. Both are white flashing lights with obstacles of more than 150 meters. The minimum intensity is about 2000 candelas.


Here at Drake Lighting we have professionals that understand all your lighting needs and can help you design a lighting system to meet your needs while remaining fully FAA compliant. We provide LED obstruction lighting that may be needed for any broadcast tower and would be made to include AM, FM, UHF, and VHF.  We have the necessary equipment for lighting for broadcast towers, cell towers, microwave towers, airports, wind turbines, utilities and more.


For the telecommunication towers, we here at Drake Lighting has the lighting equipment needed for any communication tower. This includes low band emergency management towers as well as LTE, and PCS towers. This consists of the L-864 flashing red beacon and L810(F) flashing red side-light. Both are for night time and low intensity. This comes with a five-year parts warranty. Also, the white beacon that is medium intensity and for day or night.


Obstruction beacons are also used as a utility facility. This includes chimney, silo, flare-stack, chimney, water tower structure needs and transmission line needs.  There is also some dual beacons for day and night. It is also used for the wind turbine. It is good for any model and type of turbine. Drake Lighting has meteorological “MET Tower “ lighting as well as turbine and temporary lighting and solar applications.

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