Infrared Obstruction Light

Infrared Obstruction Light
Infrared obstruction light is useful for your aviation and telecommunication tower needs.  We at Drake Lighting are prepared to demonstrate our ability to design a fully FAA compliant lighting system to meet your demands.  We could have every infrared obstruction light that you will need to keep your towers visible.
Infrared obstruction lighting will be important for your telecommunications towers.  Are you making sure you receive important FAA compliant lighting systems and reliable lighting?  We want to make sure that you can rely on your infrared obstruction light!
Infrared Obstruction light should, in addition to being FAA compliant, should be visible by those that may be flying in the dark.  We understand that your reason for coming to Drake Lighting may be because you want an infrared obstruction light that meets conditions.
Conditions could mean the difference between an aircraft failure and collision.  Your infrared obstruction light is a prevention tool, usually placed on telecommunications towers, to remain a guide against such possibilities.  Allow Drake lighting to provide you with infrared obstruction light.
Drake lighting has Infrared obstruction light equipment telecommunication towers: LTEs, PCSs, and low band emergency management towers.  All towers are tall structures which require more than just stability from wind power, but, also need reliable lighting.
The number of infrared obstruction light bulbs relies on the width and height of the tower.  When you consider that the amount of infrared obstruction light is counting on the structure of the tower, you will find that that means you are relying on many light bulbs working well.
We know that when you use infrared obstruction light, you want to make sure that aviation users are capable of viewing towers, to ensure the safety of civilians and workers is protected. 
Some of the infrared obstruction light which Drake Lighting provides includes Red obstruction lighting, Dual obstruction lighting, and White obstruction lighting.
Red Obstruction Lighting, Dual Obstruction Lighting, and White Obstruction Lighting Features
All three obstruction lights feature high powered LEDs for a long life.  A controller and power supply are located at the ground level.  The wire installation is simple.  There is a cellular based monitoring option available. 
There would be a 5-year parts warranty on this FAA certified product.  90 percent would reduce energy over conventional lighting.  There is GPS compatibility, as well, with a standard 13-1/4” bolt circle installation.
You need the best infrared obstruction light product for your aviation needs.  You want to count on your products ability to be seen, during the day and night, meet FAA compliance, and remain accessible.  The ability to see your infrared obstruction light depends on a provider’s effort.
Drake Lighting wants to provide infrared obstruction light that can be assembled and used for a significant amount of time.  With their 5-year parts warranty, you can rely on their can provide you with the assistance you need for five years.  You want a company that knows what is required.
Drake Lighting provides infrared obstruction light that should be useful for your needs.

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